Unbiased Review Of Traffic Secrets

Unbiased Review of Traffic Secrets
Does the Russell Brunson
Book Really Help You
Attract More Traffic?

Looking to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, and convert prospects into paying customers? Well, so am I! And every other content creator—from your local café to businesses in the farthest reaches of the internet. We all want a piece of the pie (i.e., online users), but it’s proven to be an elusive endeavour.

In the shambles of the never-ending challenges in content marketing, one seasoned marketer came with ideas, strategies, and tricks that he claimed were the “secrets” to increasing traffic and consequently boosting revenue. The guy I’m talking about is Russell Brunson (more on who he is later) and he has released a trilogy of “Secrets” books over the years—the latest instalment going by the name “Traffic Secrets.” (PS: The Traffic Secrets book is not to be confused with the course, which has a similar name and ownership).

Brunson claims that the book “shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.”

But does the book deliver on its claim? Does it offer a “simple” solution to the age-old problem that is responsible for some of our sleepless nights? Well, I was as curious as you—so, I took it upon myself to carefully read the book and see if it really offers traffic secrets for improved lead generation. Read on for an unbiased review of traffic secrets—including a look at the content of the book, pricing structure, whether or not it’s worth ordering.

Disclaimer: I might be straightforward, brutally honest, or even blunt on some occasions.

The Challenge with Traffic Generation

“I need to generate more leads—but I’m not attracting enough traffic to my website!” If this sounds anything like you, take heart in the knowledge that you’re not alone. Generating traffic and leads is arguably one of the most common problems facing marketers today.

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report, generating enough traffic has been a thorn in most marketers’ campaigns for the last couple of years. Even as technology advances and content marketing strategies change, the same traffic generation problem seems to persist. If anything, it’s harder for digital marketers to 

excel in the highly-competitive industry owing to the multitude of options and marketing platforms available today—i.e., it’s hard to ascertain the best avenue to allocate scarce resources.

But whether producing demand for content and attracting prospects is a problem or not, one thing remains certain—increasing traffic is crucial! Regardless of your industry, content marketing strategy, business model, or goals, your personal/business website needs traffic. You can have the best-designed site with killer content—but if it’s not attracting the right audience, you might as well be flushing your efforts down the drain.

Like millions of other digital marketers, Russell Brunson noticed this enduring problem and sought to offer a solution. A solution he calls “Traffic Secrets” – i.e., the title of his new book.

Traffic Secrets in a Nutshell

Name: Traffic Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

Written by: Russell Brunson

Forward by: Dean Graziosi

Price: FREE (with an asterisk—skip to the pricing section below to find out why)

Shipping costs: $9.95 in the United States or $19.95 Internationally


e-book ISBN: 9781401957919

Audiobook ISBN: 9781401957926

Hardcover ISBN: 9781401957902

First Thing’s First – Who is Russell Brunson?

In all honesty, the internet is littered with self-appointed gurus who claim to have insider knowledge or tricks to pull ahead in the online game. Most are scammers (for lack of a better word), while others are the real deal. And in my book, the difference between true gurus and wannabes is in their actual results. So, where does Russell Brunson lie? We don’t want to waste our time with a scam, do we? I’ll list some facts on his proven achievements and let you decide whether you’re willing to read more on his work or close the browser tab.

Notable Achievements by Russell Brunson


He has a humble beginning—from selling supplements, video games, and potato guns online (yes, you read that right, the co-founder of one the biggest SaaS startups in the sale funnel industry sold potato guns—and I think that’s pretty neat. Anyone up for a potato battle royale?). Despite the hurdles in his early shot at online success, he went to co-found ClickFunnels—a SaaS company that grew to a million-dollar company from scratch in the span of three years. This is the personification of the phrase, “from zero to hero.”

Layer 7

Russell Brunson is the co-founder and CEO of Etison LLC, popularly known as Clickfunnels. It is a software company whose main goal is to empower online entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential through software solutions. Forbes valued ClickFunnels at $360 million as of 2017, with over 100,000 active users leveraging the SaaS product.

Layer 8

Brunson is widely regarded as sales funnel aficionado and a digital marketing expert, with a knack for racking up the numbers. In an interview at the Mixergy, he said: “Traffic is the next logical progression. So as soon as someone has bought something, in the customer’s mind I believe that problem has been solved, and it’s like, ‘Hey, what’s the new problem that’s been opened up because that problem has been solved?’ That’s the logical upsell.”


He has authored two books—”Dotcom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets”—both of which are best sellers. He sold over 400,000 copies of both books. (It’ll be interesting to see how his third and arguably most coveted book fairs).

Layer 9

Back in 2018, he held a 90-minute talk at Grant Cardon’s 10X Growth Con. This sounds like any other talk until you learn that he made a whopping $3,000,000 in those 90 minutes. That’s the equivalent of a single game of football (or soccer if you’re American).

Layer 10

As of 2020, his teachings, training, software, have yielded 728 millionaires – i.e., member of his exclusive Two Comma Club.

If you’ve given the guy your mark approval, let’s see what he offers aspiring marketers. What are his products like?

What is the Book About? What You Stand to Gain from Reading Traffic Secrets

If you have the slightest interest in funnels and lead generation/nurturing strategies, there’s a good chance you’re well aware of the buzz surrounding the Traffic Secrets book prior to its release. Online chatter hubs were rather ecstatic and gleaming with anticipation—probably due to the success of the other two “Secrets” instalments and some touted claims that the new book would be game-changing.

The selling point of Trading Secrets is geared towards offering a solution to one of the most problematic hurdles in any content marketing campaign – generating traffic! Navigating the ruthless jungle of online business is hard as it is—so when you toss the issue of low traffic into the broth, it becomes hard to cope. But Russell Brunson did it, right? Why not me?

Traffic Secrets is written in a manner that leverages Brunson’s success to make it even more convincing. I could go on and on about the rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos used by the author—but I don’t want to unleash the nerd in me, yet.

Simply put, Traffic Secrets was written to help entrepreneurs venture in the online wilderness, armed with the right marketing skills to make your offering juicy enough to lure potential customers to your website. It mainly focuses on workable strategies on traffic generation to your sales funnel or business website. He shares the strategies that helped him grow his startup into a million-dollar business—with the hope that you can replicate them to drive traffic to your Podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, websites, or sales funnels.

Who Would Benefit from the Traffic Secrets Book?

Do you have an online business? Or does your business have an online presence? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Traffic Secrets may offer some useful information for you.

Since it was written to generate more traffic and leads, anyone in the world of online can leverage its teachings. This includes anyone in blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, network marketing, 

e-commerce, infopreneurs, consultants, online coaches, B2B companies, local businesses, or people attempting to “dip their toes” in online business.

Who Would NOT benefit from the Traffic Secrets Book?

Are you looking for a “get rich quick” trick? If so, Traffic Secrets will disappoint you! The book focusses on tactics and strategies that help you grind out your success. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight by reading a few pages. Start slow, hone your skill with the help of the book, and claw your way to the top—just like Russell Brunson and member of his Two Commas Club.

A Peek into the Content of Traffic Secrets – Main Topics and 20 Secrets

What’s really inside the Traffic Secrets book? To summarize the contents of the book by Russell Brunson, I’ll list the main topics and highlight the points he discusses in each. Traffic Secrets can be categorized into 3 sections, collectively explaining 20 secrets to generating traffic to your funnels.

Your Dream Customer – SECTION ONE

Who is your ideal customer? And where are they on the internet. This first section expounds on these questions, among others. It highlights the need for researching your possible clients and pinpointing where you’re likely to find them on the internet. Is it on a forum, video sharing, or social media platform?

The logic behind the approach in this section is that different target audiences have different preferences. For example, my grandmother probably doesn’t care about Instagram, but she may be active on Facebook. So if your products appeal to the elderly, you’ll have better luck driving traffic if you focus your content marketing strategies on Facebook. Brunson also goes ahead to include tips on writing a convincing story-based ad copy and re-target ads (mostly on Facebook)—which can help you attract and connect with your audience across all social media platforms. This is all encompassed in 7 secrets as shown below:


Secret 1: This is a traffic generation secret on how to identifying your dream customers—including ways to relate to them on a personal level. This steers your business in the right direction on how to best serve clients.


Secret 2: Where is your target audience hiding on the internet? Uncover them and start luring them into your sales funnel.


Secret 3: The 3rd secret highlights ways of capturing the attention of your dream customers and convincing them to listen to your offering. Your story should be good enough to make the prospects stop what they’re doing.


Secret 4: How can you “slap” your message right in front of your target audience? Brunson provides two ways to achieve this and effectively drive traffic.


Secret 5: This is more of a safety net secret. It shows you how to secure your marketing efforts against algorithm changes by Facebook, Google, or any other platform.


Secret 6: Brunson claims that this secret holds a “hush-hush” truth that may determine 81% of your potential sales. (I know you just squinted to verify the claim or muttered “hm!” under you breathe—that was also my first reaction).


Secret 7: This final secret of the first section highlights ways to collaborate and build lasting business relationships with reliable partners.

Fill Your Funnel – SECTION TWO

The 2nd section of the Traffic Secrets book attempts to explain the different sources of web traffic—including email lists, influencer podcasts, SEO-optimization, Google ads, and social media ads

Brunson also covers the importance of leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to drive traffic. Keep in mind that this is the same strategy that ClickFunnels has effectively employed for years to attain its currently massive following.

Secret 8: This literary discusses how to lure your dream customers from anywhere on the internet—including your competitor’s camp. Brunson intends to turn you into a modern “Pied Piper,” minus the tights spotted by the Disney character.

Secret 9: Brunson talks of the need for a consistent marketing strategy. He advises against riding on a “roller-coaster” and gaining a stable foothold of your market.

Secret 10: Which patterns are responsible for your dream audience’s social media activity? Brunson elaborates on a short daily strategy that could significantly rack up your social media following.

Secret 11: Having social media followers is not enough. You need to funnel them into your business vision—and Brunson supposedly has a trick to help you with that.

Secret 12: Lay down plans and strategies to attract prospects of Google rather than chase them—including those who have not heard about you yet.

Secret 13: This is a 6-step guide of tactics Russell uses to serve his dream customers.

Secret 14: Trends come and go, with some being more favourable than others. The 14th secret shows you how to stand tall, regardless of any unfavourable forces/trends in the market.

Secret 15: Learn how to repurpose your content to suits each social media platform.

Growth Hacking – SECTION THREE

The final section of the Traffic Secrets book teaches you how to tap into the YouTube channels and podcasts of other audiences, create an effective affiliate program to promote your services, and design landing pages that convert, to name a few.

Secret 16: Allow your audiences to learn more about your offering, products, company, and everything in between with the help of a “hub” style landing page.

Secret 17: This secret contains 3 strategies to tap into new and existing distribution channels. The objective is to set up your online business for long term success.

Secret 18: Learn how to create a team of motivated marketers that push your services or products to the market in 5 simple steps.

Secret 19: Cold traffic? No problem! Brunson claims he has a 7-Phased strategy to turn the coldest of traffic into “hot qualifies buyers.”

Secret 20: Brunson caps off the book with 3 “growth hacking” tricks to scale your business.

FREE Bonuses that Come with the Traffic Secrets Book

After buying the book, you also gain access to free bonuses that Brunson claims amount to over $500. These bonuses include:

Let’s Talk Money – How Much is the Traffic Secrets Book?

Get this…cuing the drum roll…the Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson is FREE (from the official site)! Awesome, right? But before you get too excited, keep in mind that there is a slight catch. Yes, the book is free—but you’ll have to cover the shipping fees and deal with some upsells that come with the package. Here’s a breakdown of the prices from different vendors.

Official Site (Recommended):
FREE + $9.95 for shipping in the U.S. (or $19.95 internationally), plus a FREE $509.95 bonus

$18.78 for the hardcover (exclusive of shipping cost) or $12.99 for the Kindle version

Book A Million:
$26.99 for the hardcover version or $12.99 for an eBook.

Barnes and Noble:
$26.99 for the hardcover or $12.99 for the NOOK book.

FREE Bonuses that Come with the Traffic Secrets Book

After buying the book, you also gain access to free bonuses that Brunson claims amount to over $500. These bonuses include:

30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge: This bonus feature helps you crank up your engines and get started on your journey. It’s designed to help you save your progress and take the crucial steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Traffic Secret Foundation: This consists of a video where Russell Brunson trains viewers in a live event at the Funnel Hacking (PS: The one-year event could have set you back $997 had you attended). In the video, highlights the framework and foundation of traffic generation and pulling prospects into your sales funnel.

How to Make A Video Go Viral: Get a peek into the science behind creating videos that pull viewers by the masses as told by Prince EA—a YouTuber with over 3 billion views and 5 million YouTube subscribers.

The Ultimate Unfair Advantage: This bonus features a video by Dean Graziosi—who wrote the forward of the Traffic Secrets book and authored best-sellers such as “Millionaire Success Habits” and “The Underdog Advantage.” Graziosi shows you how to drive traffic using a simple DIY tactic.

The Ultimate Unfair Advantage: This bonus features a video by Dean Graziosi—who wrote the forward of the Traffic Secrets book and authored best-sellers such as “Millionaire Success Habits” and “The Underdog Advantage.” Graziosi shows you how to drive traffic using a simple DIY tactic.

Please note that the bonuses discussed above are only available if you order your book from Russell Brunson’s official Traffic Secrets website –and not from any other avenue.

Does Traffic Secrets Come with Upsells?

Well, yes. Although the book is advertised as “free,” placing an order is swiftly followed by four upsell as shown below:

Traffic Secret live event ($97)

A 2-day private event—typical taught to students who pay as much as $25k annually.

The Trilogy Box Set ($197)

This includes DCS, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Unlock Secrets (i.e., a workbook for the three books mentioned).

Traffic Secret audiobook ($37)

This upsell is inclusive of a Funnel Catcher Report, Perfect Webinar Hack, The 7-day launch funnel, Invisible Traffic funnels, and an Audiobook.

Funnelytics software for funnel tracking ($397)

This is a software that allows you to set goals, make plans, and deliver results. The tool can synchronize with other software like the Clickfunnels, LeadPages, and ActiveCampaign, among others. Keep in mind that Funnelytics is available for $470/years from the official website—whereas the offer by Brunson is a one-time payment plan of $397.

Pros and Cons of Trading Secrets Book


Judging from the fact that it’s authored by Brunson—who has a similar experience to most aspiring online entrepreneurs and has thrived—it fosters a sense of confidentiality and trust.

For newbies, the book offers great help that will make you understand the importance of traffic generation and guide on the best strategies for your business.

Weighing all the knowledge it offers, we can say the pricing is fair and affordable.

The bonuses are like extra dessert after your first round of dessert.


The reviews on Amazon are less than convincing. Traffic Secrets barely has enough reviews—especially for a book that attracted a considerable amount of attention prior to its release. Could this point to a flaw? Maybe it has something to do with the convenience of ordering from the official website.

The affiliate idea may not work for most businesses. According to Russell, ClickFunnels thrived because of affiliates. But what about companies that cannot afford to pay affiliates for each sale they make?

Traffic Secrets Testimonials and User Reviews

What is the word on the ground? What do actual buyers of Traffic Secrets think about the book? Are they satisfied with their order or are they wallowing in regret over wasted efforts?

According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, brand trust is one of the most important factors that determine consumer decision—yet more and more people are losing trust in most brands. As an online consumer, I strongly concur with this finding and its implications.

Let’s be honest: As rosy as the touted claims by Russell Brunson and the Traffic Secrets book may sound, it’s hard to trust the brand owner without reserving some doubt. For this reason, I turned to the voices that really matter – i.e., other users like me who ordered and read the book. Here’s what they had to say:




Takeaway – Should You Get a Copy of Traffic Secrets?

If your business has an online presence and you give two cents about traffic generation, then ordering the book is a no-brainer in my opinion. Every business—big or small—needs to attract enough traffic to not only thrive but survive in the harsh online landscape. No traffic = no leads = no customers = no sales = your business going under.

As you can tell from the outline, Traffic Secrets is designed to help you improve your marketing strategy and consequently scale your business to greater heights. So why not order a free copy today and learn the proper way to generate traffic and stand out? Russell Brunson and tons of other marketers have leveraged the information and thrived, why not you?! Order a copy and gain invaluable knowledge.

Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note that this Traffic Secrets review contains affiliate links. I am an independent affiliate of Traffic Secrets products and not an employee. The review and opinion highlighted in this article are my own and they are in no way official statements by eBusiness4us or Traffic Secrets.

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Expert Secrets Reviewed

Expert Secrets Reviewed – How
Does the Russell Brunson
Book Compare with
DotCom Secrets and
Traffic Secrets

Ever noticed how anything that includes the term “expert” automatically fosters a feeling of confidence in the subsequent information? “Experts share their opinion on…,” “Expert Secrets tips to…,” etc.—such statements make you feel like you’re about to receive life-changing advice from tried-and-tested individuals.

According to the Business Dictionary, an expert is a “Professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject, to the extent that his or her opinion may be helpful in fact-finding, problem-solving, or understanding of a situation.”

An expert is someone who has what it takes to be a thought leader in his/her industry. Someone who is knowledgeable with a voice that holds weight. Most of us want to attain the level of being called an expert. But how?

The path to becoming an expert demands effort and dedication in a cause. And the best way to achieve this is by learning from other individuals who have walked your path and succeeded. In the words of Tony Robbins, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

In the case of online entrepreneurs concerned with driving traffic and converting prospects, Russell Brunson offers a book, Expert Secrets—in which he claims you can become an expert. As a battle-tested online entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, Brunson shares the secrets to catapult your business to new heights—as he did with his company, ClickFunnels.

In this article, I’ll provide my honest review of Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets—plus comparisons with his other books, DotCom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. The aim is to see the type of “expert advice” offered by Brunson through his trilogy of “Secrets” books.

Are you an expert in your business niche? Or do you want to become an expert and grow your business? If so, read on to find out whether the information and tips offered by Russell Brunson can steer you towards the coveted “expert” status.

5 of the Best Books to Turn you into an Online Marketing Expert

Strategic online marketing is the backbone of any online business. The marketing tactics you choose can make or break your business. The cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign is lead/traffic and conversion.

However, online marketing is a murky domain, and thriving in the industry can be quite frustrating. When this is the case, the best way to navigate this “jungle” is by taking advice from online marketing experts and following the path they chart through their tips. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost the earnings and growth of your online business, here are some of the best books to turn into an expert in your industry:

(PS: Every book in this list is authored by a proven digital marketing expert and I find them quite inspirational in their own unique way).

The purpose of the book is in its name—and the wealth of knowledge is between its covers! Russell Brunson, the author of Expert Secrets, shares the secrets to winning in the fiercely competitive online market place. As an enthusiastic marketer driven by an obsession with traffic generation and conversion optimization, Russell draws upon his tested methods to craft an indispensable resource for any aspiring online entrepreneur.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – by Robert Cialdini

What makes potential customers act the way they do? What goes on in the mind of a prospect before he/she commits to whatever you’re selling online? Answers to these questions and more are housed in Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Phycology of Persuasion. I highly recommend this book to any entrepreneur—regardless of the niche or business model. Although the book was originally released in 1984, it has been updated to reflect current trends in the marketplace—including tips on the power of social proof.

The Dip – Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a staple name in digital marketing and entrepreneurship—and for good reason. As an author, speaker, and avid content creator, Godin has been practicing his trade at the peak for the last 3 decades. Listening to his videos, podcast, or reading through his blog is guaranteed to leave you inspired and ready to tackle the world.

Although he lays claim to nearly 20 books, I feel that The Dip hit home as far as establishing yourself as an expert is concerned. 

The opening quote— “Being the best in the world is seriously underrated.”—lays the foundation for what lies ahead as your comb through the roughly 80-page book. Godin urges readers to be exceptional in what they do—rather than settling in a comfort zone.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – by Gary Vaynerchuk

An outspoken character and CEO of VaynerMedia—Gary Vaynerchuk is widely revered as one of the pioneers of modern digital marketing. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is Gary’s 3rd book and a best seller.  The book highlights strategies and campaigns that should be avoided or employed—based on personal experiences.

Positioning – by Jack Trout and Al Ries

According to Al Ries and Jack Trout, creating a killer marketing message is not enough to establish yourself as an expert. You must position your business—based on your strengths and weaknesses. According to the authors, “Positioning starts with a product…But positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect.”

Few books on traffic generation and sales funnels—if any—have created more fuss among digital marketers than DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and the recently launched, Traffic Secrets. The books are easily top sellers—and the brainchild of funnel guru, Russell Brunson.

If there’s someone who has time-and-again proven his expertise in selling products online, it has to be Russell. As highlighted earlier, an expert is a thought leader

whose opinion is typically helpful. So, is Russell an expert in his industry?

Run a Google search of keywords such as “sales funnels” and you’re guaranteed to find several entries referring to Russell Brunson or his work. Forbes claims that Brunson has been “revolutionizing the online marketing industry” with his unique approach—and his allure lies in his transparency and “willingness to help those in a crowded space.”

What makes Russell such an outstanding character—as far as online marketing experts are concerned—is what he offers his followers. While other “cheerleaders” are relentlessly pitching fad get-rich-quick money systems, Brunson attempts to guide followers through a tried and tested path. In his quest to empower people through his expert advice, he has helped over 700 ClickFunnels users generate at least $1 million.

Keep in mind that Russell is a self-made online entrepreneur who hails from humble beginnings. From selling supplements, potato guns, and video games online, Brunson leveraged the knowledge, skills, and experience he had accumulated to co-found ClickFunnels—a self-funded SaaS company worth over $300 million. If this doesn’t scream “expert,” I don’t know what does.

It’s clear that Russell Brunson is an expert—but do his books reflect the same? Here’s a breakdown of what is contained in each of his books—with a particular focus on Expert Secrets (for obvious reasons as you can tell from the earlier information).

Expert Secrets in a Nutshell

Book Name (1st Edition): Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice

Book Name (2nd Edition): Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers

Author: Russell Brunson

Time of Release: 1st Edition was launched in 2017—and the 2nd edition was released in May 2020

Official page: Expert Secrets

Price: FREE excluding shipping—which is $9.95 in the U.S. or $19.95 anywhere else in the world.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4019-6047-6

E-book ISBN: 978-1-4019-6061-2

Audio ISBN: 978-1-4019-6082-7

Number of pages: 359

Who can benefit from Expert Secrets?

Personally, I believe the book suits anyone looking to take his/her business to the next level—and influencing others along the way. Expert Secrets contains nuggets of information that may benefit online influencers, digital marketers, salespeople, coaches, and entrepreneurs. It’s especially useful for:


Users who major in creating sales funnels


Brands that are interested in creating a loyal online following


Anyone who would like to share what they already know to help others and benefit their businesses at the same time


Entrepreneurs who deal with information products such as e-book or online courses


People yearning to be confident thought leaders in their industry

Please Note: As with any other inspiration book or guide, the ideas and tips contained in Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets will only bear fruit if you actively practice them.

What is Expert Secrets About?

Simply put, Expert Secrets is intended to be a valuable resource for aspiring experts. According to the foreword of the 1st Edition by Robert Kiyosaki—author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—”Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.”

To give you a better idea of what the book is about, here is a sneak peek into one of the opening pages of my Expert Secrets copy:

You started to read books, study, and experiment with the things you learned, and by doing so you have become who you are today, an Expert. But as most experts soon find, no matter how much personal development you achieve, there will be a point where you can no longer progress. The only way to continue to grow is by helping others become like you. Yes, true growth and fulfillment come from your contribution to others.”

The book has clear and precise guidelines on how to come out of your comfort zone and establishing yourself as an EXPERT. Similar to the teaching of The Dip by Seth Godin (discussed earlier), Expert Secrets aims to push you towards being the best in your industry—which is achievable by honing your skills and sharing your knowledge/abilities with others.

Expert Secrets is about creating a royal following in your niche—being the go-to expert for other aspiring entrepreneurs. This noble objective is presented in the book through real-life examples that demonstrate what it takes to build a great company.

As inspiring as it sounds, the idea of building a brand around a community is not novel. Countless companies have grown into notable empires by banking on their followers. Think of big players such as The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Glow Recipe, or even Brunson’s own ClickFunnels—all these companies tend to focus their marketing efforts on fostering a strong community. This begs the question; can you achieve similar results? And more importantly, how?

How does the “SECRETS” Trilogy of Books Compare?

The best things come in trilogies—and you can quote me on that. Movies? We have Back to the Future, The Godfather, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, and Mad Max. Books? The Fifth Season, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, His Dark Material, or maybe the Hunger Games. With this in mind, when a reputable online marketing expert comes calling with a trilogy of books, the least I can do is give him a chance.

According to Russel Brunson, you can create an “expert business” that’s positioned to thrive in the modern online marketplace by leveraging the advice and strategies in his books—DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. Each book has a different angle, but they all merge into one underlying message—how to sell anything online and grow your business’s revenue and following.

To understand what is contained in each book, here a comparison of Expert Secrets Vs DotCom Secrets, and Expert Secrets Vs Traffic Secrets.

DotCom Secrets Vs Expert Secrets

In Russell Brunson’s first book, DotCom Secrets, he shares the workable processes to build a successful offline or online business. The book—which was published in 2015—quickly become a hit with users in the industry.

Russell’s engaging/intriguing writing tone coupled with the wealth of useful information in the book attracted raving testimonials and positive reviews from readers. Unsurprisingly, DotCom Secrets went on to be a best-seller—same as the 2017 follow-up, Expert Secrets.

DotCom Secrets aims to offer the best strategies and information to create sales funnels that capture leads and convert. According to the book’s prologue—written by the late Dan Kennedy—”In truth, this is a proven playbook for growing your company with effective lead generation and sales/conversion methods, which can be used online and offline.”

DotCom Secrets contains tactics that can help boost the sales for your business. Russell explains how you can determine your target demographic, attracting them to your website or physical company, and convert them into paying customers.

On the other hand, Expert Secrets follows a similar format—but with a different scope and perspective. Whereas the Dotcom Secrets was largely geared towards new business, Russell’s 2nd installment takes a broader stance by covering both new and existing businesses.

Unlike DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets—which offers the skills on how to share the information you’ve amassed—applies to both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Whether you’re looking to create your business from scratch or you’re an established business looking to inspire others, Expert Secrets is a useful resource.

In other words, DotCom Secrets is ideal for you if you’re new to the world of sales funnels or if you’ve recently launched (or planning to launch) an online business – i.e., it’s a targeted book. Experts Secrets is similar—just more generalized to cover a larger pool of readers.

Traffic Secrets Vs Expert Secrets

The newest installment in the “Secrets” trilogy is Traffic Secrets—released in 2020. The book covers strategies and workable ways on how you can fill your funnel and website with your dream customers. Russell explains the strategies he personally used to build his multi-million-dollar company in just three years.

Traffic Secrets primarily focuses on…wait for it…Traffic generation (it’s in the name). The information in the latest book by Russel applies to affiliate marketers, bloggers, freelancers, consultants, local businesses, online coaches, 

e-commerce businesses, and any entrepreneurs who give two cents about traffic.

Like DotCom Secrets, Traffic Secrets is rather targeted and usable by a specific niche of users – i.e., online businesses who want to attract customers to their websites or sales funnels and convert them. Yet, unlike DotCom Secrets which focuses on new businesses, Traffic Secrets applies to both new and established businesses—similar to Expert Secrets.

Judging from the content in the trilogy, each book has its individual value—but they are designed to offer a greater impact if used as a collective. I like to think of the trilogy as one big book called “Secrets,” rather than three separate books.

What is Inside Expert Secrets (1st Edition)?

Expert Secrets—allegedly—covers the tricks, tips, and strategies used by these immensely successful companies to set themselves apart in the industry. But since I strongly believe that a book is not great until proven otherwise and seeing is believing, I’ll lay Expert Secrets bare for you to dissect before ordering your copy.

The book is organized into 5 different sections—covering 22 chapters in total. Each chapter goes in-depth into different Experts Secrets that aspiring business owners can leverage.

1st Section – Creating A Mass Movement

Experts are people you look upon for advice and valuable information. This means that to become an expert, there must be actual people who consider what you offer useful. These “fans” encompass the mass movement.

Expert Secrets is centered on creating a tribe of loyal followers and use them to create a highly successful business.

And this is exactly what the first section covers – creating a mass movement. Russell goes on to elaborate some particle steps you can take to create this mass movement: That is:

Making yourself a charismatic leader who is attractive to audiences

Creating and offering your followers an opportunity for change. This starts with giving them solutions to their problems through your products/services and actionable opportunities.

Differentiating yourself as a visionary—focused on the future

Brunson covers these important aspects of creating a mass movement in 3 steps as shown below:

The Charismatic Leader/Attractive Leader

Everyone is born with different traits, personalities, and talents. With this in mind, not everyone is born with a knack for leadership. However, the skillset and mentality needed to be a charismatic character—capable of attracting followers—can be learned. How so?

According to Russell, you can become an attractive leader by identifying your target 

market, finding the most appealing approach to win them over, and writing marketing messages that sell.

The Cause

Let’s assume you manage to master what it takes to be a charismatic leader—how will you convince your target audience to get on board your train? How do you get people passionately involved in your cause?

In this part of Section 1, Russell Brunson explains how to package your message/opportunity and introduce it to audiences in an effective way. This 

includes workable steps that will guide you on how to engage your possible prospects and get them fully involved.

The New Opportunity

Ever felt like you’re giving it your all, but you do not receive the same energy from your target audience? Well, maybe all you need is to nudge your followers in the right direction. In the final part of the first section, Brunson explains the steps you can follow to ensure your followers align with your objectives.

2nd Section – Creating a Belief

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

Mahatma Gandhi

If the words of Mahatma Gandhi are anything to go by, much of what we do and who we are is hinged in our belief systems. This also applies to becoming an expert in your field.

If you have honest and compelling beliefs, then it’s likely that your followers will find it easier to embrace the opportunities you offer. Make your beliefs theirs—and watch them turn into loyal followers. By believing in your products/services and purchasing them, your follower can easily become brand advocates.

Russell Brunson divides the process of creating a belief in 6 parts:

The Big Domino

Instilling your beliefs in your target audience is subsequent – i.e., the latter depends on the former. Your “domino chain” begins when you understand where to focus. After that, you inspire, educate, and convince your followers on the need of purchasing your services or products.

The Epiphany Bridge

An epiphany is described as a great realization or striking revelation. It’s one of those moments that a game-changing idea crosses your mind or you achieve a breakthrough. It’s when you understand a situation or a problem from a deeper or new perspective. In creating a loyal following and becoming an expert, you need to create an Epiphany Bridge. Russell shows you practical tips and tools to take advantage of the epiphany. This is possible by learning how to create a podcast, message, or even a video—depending on the most effective way of reaching your target audience.

The Hero’s Two Journey

A well-crafted and strategic story can easily impact the beliefs of an audience. In The Hero’s 2 Journeys, Brunson elaborates on how to ensure your followers relate to your brand—including how to make your message relevant and authentic. If your storytelling skills are good enough, you can theoretically win the hearts of your target audience.

The Epiphany Bridge Script

The Epiphany Bridge Script is a combination of the two parts discussed chapters – i.e. The Epiphany Bridge and The Hero’s 2 Journey. It describes ways of building a strategic script that can suit any business operation.

False Belief Patterns:

A key part of creating favorable beliefs among your followers is by getting rid of any existing beliefs that work against your products/services. In this part in the 2nd Section, Russell goes on to explain simple steps you can use to break your customers’ false belief patterns and convincing them to adopt yours. This is courtesy of the epiphany bridge discussed earlier.

The 3 Secrets

Looking to excel in sales? Well, so does every business—join the bandwagon. But Russell claims to have the three actionable secrets that can drive sales and make you an expert. This final part borrows on the concepts taught in The Epiphany Script.

3rd Section – Your Moral Obligation

Do you know the process you can use to attract new prospects and feed them with the correct information? If not, all the necessary information you need is highlighted in this section. Russell, clearly explains everything you need to know and observe while offering new opportunities to your target audience. This includes:

Improving the level of communication with your followers.

Ways of breaking down the barriers that may be hindering your relationship with prospects.

Ways of welcoming new readers and offering them the correct, precise, clear, and relevant information.

This is all covered in several chapters—with the first two highlighted below:

The Stack Slide

The “Stack Slide” generally aims to help you attract more purchases. It looks at the offering or value you bring to the table—and what makes you different or better than your competitors. According to Brunson, grasping this chapter sets you up for greater marketability and competitiveness.

The Perfect Webinar

You’re probably aware that webinars are high effective mediums to generate leads and sell your offers to prospects. Unsurprisingly, Russell Brunson has time-and-again proven his prowess when it comes to making the most of webinars.

In this part of the Expert Secrets book, Brunson stresses the need of laying out a comprehensive plan to host a killer webinar and convert leads or make sales like an expert.  Going through the “Perfect Webinar” shows you some of the small yet significant mistakes you’ve been making in your sales pitch—and the opportunities you’ve been squandering in the process.

The perfect Webinar is divided into four chapters:

The One thing

Breaking and rebuilding Patterns

The Stack

Trial Closes

Russell digs deep into the process effectively presenting a virtual summit, online course, mastermind programs, or coaching seminar. This section can help you improve your confidence and selling skills—regardless of your business niche or platform (the tips are not exclusive to just webinars).

4th Section – The funnels (*REMOVED in the 2nd Edition)

The name Russell Brunson is nearly synonymous with funnels. He is arguably the most recognizable authority in the world of sales funnels—and why not? He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels (one of the largest companies in the industry) and he has helped thousands of users revolutionize their businesses through the advice he gives in his talks and books.

While the three sections above have equipped you in ways of creating your mass movement, identifying and attracting prospects, and creating a new opportunity–now it’s time to focus on what Brunson knows best, funnels.

This section is divided into 5 chapters, namely:

The perfect Webinar Model

The Four Question Close

The Perfect Webinar Hack

Email Epiphany Funnels

Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

Throughout these chapters, Russell echoes one fundamental message: It possible to create a successful business and make money by going out of your way to help others. That is the core essence of an industry expert.

5th Section – What’s Next? (REMOVED in the 2nd Edition)

With all the information available in Expert Secrets at your fingertips, the final section is a call to action. Russell subtly challenges you to take action and Fill Your Funnel. The aim of the section is to jump-start your journey to becoming an expert. The author goes on to teach you how to drive traffic to your sales funnel.

(PS: This final section ties in closely with both the DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets books).

What is the Price of the “Secrets” Trilogy?

All factors considered; the final buying decision comes down to the price! Are DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets pocket friendly? Do the books offer value for money? Below is a breakdown of the cost of Russell Brunson’s “Secrets” books:
Official Expert Secrets Website

FREE (you only cover shipping costs of $9.95 in the U.S. or $19.95 internationally)


$21.84 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (Kindle E-Book) – shipping costs not included

Barnes and Noble

$26.99 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (NOOK Book) 0 shipping costs not included

By ordering the book via the official Expert Options website, you become eligible for 5 free bonuses—which total at $585 if purchased separately. These bonuses include:
Expert Evolution ($97):

A presentation on the 5 steps you need to take and frameworks you need to create before establishing yourself as an expert.

Hook, Story, Offer ($97):

Russell teaches you how to get your funnels working by either fixing underperforming funnels or building better ones.

The Perfect Webinar Slides ($197):

These are copies of Brunson’s Keynote and PowerPoint webinar slides—which are based on a proven framework and you can customize them to meet your presentation’s needs.

The 5-minute Perfect Webinar ($97):

Get tried and tested tips from Jaime Cross—who made over $1 million selling lotions and soaps. She takes you through the strategies she developed and implemented to succeed.

30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge ($97):

This is a challenge designed to kickstart your journey to becoming an expert—including the day-to-day roadmap to keep you going.

Cost of DotCom Secrets (2nd Edition)

Official Website: FREE (you only cover shipping costs of $9.95 in the U.S. or $19.95 internationally)


Amazon: $21-74 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (Kindle)


Barnes & Noble: $26.99 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (NOOK Book)

Similar to Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets comes with 5 Free bonuses as highlighted below:

The 3 Core Funnels eBook ($47)
108 Split Test Winners eBook ($47)
Network Marketing Secrets eBook ($47)
Funnel Audibles ($97)
30-Day DotCom Secrets Challenge ($97)
Cost of Traffic Secrets

Official Site (Recommended): FREE + $9.95 for shipping in the U.S. (or $19.95 internationally)


Amazon: $18.78 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (Kindle)


Barnes and Noble: $26.99 (Hardcover) or $12.99 (NOOK book).

The free bonuses that come with an order of Traffic Secrets from the official site include:
30 Day Challenge
Traffic Secret Foundation
How to Make A Video Go Viral
The Ultimate Unfair Advantage
The Ultimate Traffic Hack
PS: The Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson comes with an upsell option that allows you to buy The Secret Trilogy Box Set for $97. This includes Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, and Unlock the Secrets Worksheet.

Pros and Cons of Expert Secrets

Based on an analysis of the Experts Secrets book and the comparison with DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets, it’s clear that Brunson covers important aspects of being an expert and creating lifelong customers. But as with most things in life, there is a light and dark side to the Expert Secrets book
Below is an honest breakdown and review of why you should order (or not) the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson.


The Book is Well-Written and Easy to Follow: Expert Secrets is quite to comprehend yet informative. The book covers important marketing strategies and concepts in an engaging and simple manner

The book is FREE! For a book that offers actionable tips and secrets of the trade, bagging Expert Secrets for free is a steal. Similar resources typically set you back a couple of bucks.

Russel offers a Money-Back Guarantee: Interestingly, Russell offers to refund your shipping fees if the book does not deliver on its promise. If this does not prove Russell’s level of confidence in his work, I don’t know what will.

Expert Secret is Widely Applicable: The book is ideal for all types of businesses and stages of growth—whether new or established.

Comes with an Audiobook Version: For those of us who are always on the commute or enjoy audio works, the Expert Secrets Audiobook is a great addition. It is also convenient for users with vision problems.

The Information Available in the Book is Quite Useful: The information provided by Russell Brunson is genuinely useful. The co-founder of ClickFunnels goes out of his way to share his secrets to success with anyone who cares to listen. Considering he does this for Free only adds credibility to his tips.


The shipping period of up to 15 days is rather long.






The shipping costs of $9.95 in the U.S. or $19.95 in any other country are on the higher side—though we can’t really afford to complain when the book is free.







The strategies in the book are action-oriented. This means that you grind it out before seeing any real results. While I don’t mind investing my time and resources in a noble cause, not every user is for the idea.


What is a review without testimonials from actual buyers of the Expert Secrets book? User reviews and testimonials are a great way of exposing a brand for what it really is. The experiences of people who have been in your shoes are arguably the most reliable way to rate a product and make an informed buying decision.
Here are some of the testimonials of each book in the “Secrets” trilogy.

Testimonials of Expert Secrets

Testimonials of DotCom Secrets

Testimonials of Traffic Secrets

Frequently Asked Questions on Expert Secrets

In an attempt to offer useful tips and ease any confusion here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)—with regard to Expert Secrets. I hope this information proves useful in your buying decision.

Where can I Order the Expert Secrets Book?

The book is available on several online platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. However, the easiest and most cost-effective avenue to order the book is through the official website—where it’s free and comes with bonuses.


Do I Have to Purchase a ClickFunnels Subscription to Make the Most of the Expert Secrets Book?


Not really. Although ClickFunnels and Expert Secrets are credited to the same person, they are different products. Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets are not part of ClickFunnels—but they contain information to help make the most of the SaaS software.

Which Book Should You Read First – DotCom Secrets or Experts Secrets?

This is actually a pretty common question among users. Although DotCom Secrets was released 2 years before Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson recommends you start off with the latter. In the official “Secrets Trilogy” website the specific order of reading the books is:

But why not read the books in order of their release dates? Well, I wish I could as George Lucas a similar question regarding the order of his Star Wars franchise.

The book Expert Secrets gives information on how to identify, establish connections, prove your worth by showing your expertise, and the several ways to market yourself to the followers you just lured. These are beginner steps that set you up for the next books.

In Dotcom Secrets, Russell focuses on the ways of building a strategic communication medium (messages and webinars), telling stories through them, and creating funnels afterward. These are processes that are more relevant/effective after implementing strategies in Expert Secrets.


All in all, do strategies and tips found on Expert Secrets or DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets offer valuable information to take your business to the next level? I believe they do! Sure, the books are not perfect and they are a few kinks that prevent the Expert Secrets book from being perfect. But if I were to weigh the pro and cons, the scale would easily tilt in favor of Expert Secrets.

Where your business has been in the market for several years or a few weeks, Expert Secrets is a valuable resource. The book by Russell Brunson offers information that can help you build a loyal community of lifelong customers who share your beliefs. Moreover, some of the real-life examples provided in the book are relatable and quite inspiring.

As long as you follow the advice contained in the book, do your research, take the initiative, and put in the work—you can become an expert in your industry. Takeaway? Grab your copy of Expert Secrets!

Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note that this Expert Secrets review contains affiliate links. I am an independent affiliate of Expert Secrets products and not an employee. The review and opinion highlighted in this article are my own and they are in no way official statements by eBusiness4us or Expert Secrets.

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